Distance: 895km (560mi)

Once we cross the border into Canada, we will be riding in the Kluane National Park where we will camp, and try to catch some fish in the nearby Kluane Lake.

After almost 500km (312mi) of riding we will reach Whitehorse, the capital city of Yukon. During our ride through the Yukon territory we assume that we will meet more Caribous than people on the way, since 80 per cent of all inhabitants of Yukon live in Whitehorse. Fun fact about Whitehorse: It only has about 26000 inhabitants and Yukon has only about 33000 inhabitants, so we are still in the middle of nowhere, just as we like it!

After another 420km (262mi) riding along the Teslin Lake, where we will try to catch some more fish, we will cross the border to British Columbia.