Since we met each other two years ago at university, we are sharing the same hobby: Outdoor Sports! Most of our free time we spend in the Alps mountain biking or backcountry skiing. We love to be in nature and to find secluded places with beautiful scenery where most of the tourists don't go. The physical effort is also an aspect of why we love doing these sports, which is surely not understandable for everyone. But the feeling you have, after reaching the top of the mountain only with your own muscle power is indescribable and motivates us. Beautiful views and adventures are worth the effort. "No pain no gain." As Caro is studying Sports Science, she always carries a heart rate monitor with her to check the data after the tour, which is really interesting.

Both of us are experienced bike travelers. After his high school year in America, Mathias came back to ride from San Francisco to Portland with a bike he bought in San Francisco. Caro used her free time after she finished school to ride on a 700km (437mi) bike trip through France, from Straßbourg to Montpellier.

The fascination of doing a long bike journey started to excite us at the same time. Next summer Mathias and Caro will have completed their university studies, so it will be the perfect time to fulfill the dream of both of us: Travel North America by bike!