Day 62 - We also brake for mushrooms and salamanders

Distance: 67.75mi

131008-king-bulidos-highway-202-oregonThe today’s ride leads through the forest on the less busy and narrow Highway 202 towards Portland. Here the fall also has been arrived and let the forest shine in all colors from brown over red and orange to yellow. Since we’re in Oregon we had some intense rain on our way, but this did not surprise us for this time of the year. In a wildlife refuge we could observe a herd of elks next to the road. We also helped a small salamander to cross the highway. The camp was opened in the Big Eddy’s State Park and tomorrow we’ll reach Portland and Gladstone, what you can also call base-camp. We look forward to a warm shower, a dry bed and a few days of rest and relaxation.131008-Salamander-on-handlebar-sq-lab

Day 63 - Wet cloth, wet sleeping bags, wet tent…

Distance: 82.41mi | Time: 6:34 | 2961kcal | 2815 vertical feet

banks-vernonia-rail-fall…we are finally in Oregon! Imagine: You slept in the sleeping bag and the downs are suck up with water, getting up in the morning and put on your wet socks again, which are nearly 32°F cold, also putting on your wet shoes, which never dry in these climates. This was our life of the last few wet days, which were the hardest for us so far! Today we arrived at our friend’s house in Gladstone, where we will give us a little time to rest. We came down the Banks – Vernonia trail which leads through trees where moss grows all over. In Portland we took the scenic Greenway and later the Springwater Trail until we arrived in Gladstone, where Mathias has friends since High School. We might change our further plans and leave out Crater Lake, which unfortunately is affected by the US Government shutdown and also closed. The current plan is to ride back to the Oregon coast and camp a few times at the beach!portland-canoe-skyline