Day 49 - Wet, cold weather and a mountain pass

Distance: 74.31mi | Time 7:51 | 2541kcal | 6549 vertical feet

rock-of-marbleAfter about 20mi of riding the landscape changed again. After Lillooet the trees were back and the high humid weather in this area enabled moss to grow on the trees. The vegetation can almost be described as a form of rain-forest. And the rain also started again almost continuously. As temperatures were falling to about 35°F, I put on everything I had: 3 layers on the bottom and 4 on the upper body. But still kept freezing, especially my fingers were super cold, since my bicycle gloves get very soaked every time it rains. After reaching the highest point of the Hwy 99 at 1243m I was looking forward to the nearby B.C. Park Joffrey Lake. Currently I’m sitting in my tent in the warm down sleeping bag, listening to the sound of the falling rain on the outer layer of the tent. The photos show big boulders of granite rock, which you can find along the highway here. There are mountains just with this type of rock. Of course I had to take a little souvenir of them :-) big-boulders-of-marble-in-bc

Day 50 - Shacking tent at 11:30PM

Distance: 79.93mi | Time 6:25 | 2838kcal | 4038 vertical feet

camping-at-joffrey-lakes-before-pembertonI fell asleep to the sound of the falling rain. But at 11:30PM something got stuck in the lines of my tent for a few seconds, and my entire tent was shacking. The animal was really big and I woke up right away to this and was shocked but didn’t move at all in my tent. I wanted to hear if it is still close. This night I was completely alone in the forest, just a little off from a trail, but there was nobody around. For more than 30min I couldn’t sleep at all, but then I was too tired and fell asleep again, knowing I did everything right. The rules are simple, pack all food outside your tent and don’t camp in areas where bears eat, e.g. blue berry fields. The rest of the night was calm but I woke up of few more times, hearing nothing but still remembering the big animal. I was very glad when this night was over and got up very early the next day. After this crazy night, I rode down to Pemberton, where the first thing I did was to get a hot coffee and two pain au chocolate to calm down my nerves. I was getting closer to the town Whistler when a truck just stopped ahead of me. And who came out?? It was Caro. The friendly family from Squamish let her borrow their truck, to find me on the way. I gave her my camping gear and did the last few kilometers without any load on my bike rack. Btw: When you see the purple paste in the area, you should be really careful, this is what the bears leave everywhere after they had a good meal of blue berries!!bear-poo-in-british-columbia

Day 51 & 52 - Mountain biking in the Whistler Area up to Elfin Lake

Distance: 15.78mi | Time 4:03 | 2004kcal | 4485 vertical feet

biking-up-to-elfin-lake-at-sunseton-the-trail-to-elfin-lake-biking-around-squamishWe were very welcome at our friends here in Squamish, who we met before at the Alaskan Border to the Yukon. They have their house right below the University of Squamish and also just a few minutes away, where mountain bike trails start. Today we biked up to a little cabin on the mountain, which is at 1535m of elevation. Being down at sea level in Squamish, this took us a few hours of riding up. But it was fantastic, nice views over the little Bay of Squamish and nice views to the surrounding mountains with large glaciers were the reward for this uphill. At the end of the day, we stayed in the small cabin next to the Elfin Lakes where we cooked the usual dish, spaghetti with tomato sauce. Being used to the Alpine Huts, we expected at least a mattress up there. Unfortunately there were only wooded beds, nothing soft. So we slept directly on hard wood. Well this had one good thing; it was not hard to get up at 7AM in the morning to watch the sunrise. Later that day, we made some really good “Knödel mit Rahmschwammerlsoße” which means dumplings with cream-mushroom sauce. As a dessert we had “Apfelstrudel” or apple strudel with apples directly from the garden here. Our friends said, they have to harvest them all before the bears realize there’s something to eat down here. Then they would be all gone. biking-up-to-elfin-lakewaiting-for-the-sunrise-at-elfin-lake

Day 50 - Vancouver you are too wet for us!

Distance: 34.41mi | Time 3:22 | 1256kcal | 2381 vertical feet