Distance: 1930km (1206mi)

After the "unique" experiences of Las Vegas, we will have 380km (237mi) to ride on gravel roads through lonely cowboy country in Arizona until we reach Antelope Canyon. This canyon is famous for its bizarre rock formations, which even Microsoft uses as a spectacular background for Windows. After Antelope Canyon we will go south and pass through the Grand Canyon. Maybe we will go on a hike there.

On our way through Arizona, we will see beautiful scenery, lakes, national parks (especially Tonto National Forest) and hopefully some wildlife. About 1200km (750mi) later after we have crossed the border between Nevada and Arizona, Phoenix, with its habitually sunny weather will welcome us.

Phoenix, after about 9.000km (5625mi) and almost three months on the bike, will be the end of our main tour. We will spend some days there, before we will get our bikes ready one more time for our last journey to Los Angeles Airport (730km, 456mi). But as we are a little bit crazy, we will of course take advantage of this trip and make a "little detour" of about 130km (81mi) to see the Mexican Border, Salton Sea and Palm Springs before we finally arrive in L.A.