Robens - Ultra-light Tents for Outdoor Adventures

Robens believes that everyone should experience the outdoor adventure at least once in their life and this drives Robens to create reliable and superior value performance products. All their new product designs undergo a continuous and demanding test programme to ensure that optimum performance, safety and comfort are maintained. New tents are tested in their rain machine which simulates six months of rainfall in only 20min. From Alaska until British Columbia we will most likely ride and sleep in rainy conditions. We are looking forward to stay warm and dry in our Robens tent and sleeping bags and listen to the rough nature outside our shelter:

Katadyn - Making Water Drinking Water!

Did you know that about 90% of all our fresh water supply on earth is contaminated? With our tour we will pass through an area, where we will only find water in creeks which would make us sick. This water may contain harming consistencies such as viruses, bacteria and protozoans. These particles are able to make you very sick and unfortunately could end our tour. Through the products of Katadyn we are able to filter water from even strong polluted rivers and turn it into crystal clear water, ready to drink. On their homepage, they give good tips and provide a downloadable guide of how to behave when you travel to countries, where drinking water may be suspicious:

Optimus - Cooking since 1899!

The home country of this company can be considered as the camper’s paradise: Sweden, with its incredible wide fields of waters and lakes, many moose and fewer inhabitants. Over more than one century they constantly improved the efficiency of their stoves: Powered by regular diesel, gasoline or kerosene, they can be filled at any gas-station or airport. Since the energy density of these fuels is higher compared to regular butane stoves we also travel very lean. This means with a filled tank (430 g / 15.2 oz.) we are able to boil 57 liter of water. That is really energy efficient!

I AM Nikon Service Point in München!

Their heart beats for the best motifs and for the Nikon family: Located in the center of Munich, in Schwabing, they give you service and advices throughout your Nikon camera. We got our Nikon D7000 and the three lenses 12-24/4 + 24-120/3,5-5,6 and 80-200/2,8 checked and cleaned by them, to take only the clearest shots of North America’s wildlife. With their teleconverter and microphone, we will take very unique shots of bears and caribous and capture the noises of America! If you are also a Nikon fan check them out!

Feisol - It’s carbon and carbon only!

Feisol started off with the production of carbon composite tubes but soon used their experience to specialize to the camera market. Their Travelling Carbon Tripods perfectly fit our motto “Minimum Weight, maximum Adventure” since their brand new version weighs only 800gramm (1.8lb). To show you the nice environments and the wild animals far up in the North of America, we will videotape a professional documentary with our mirror reflex camera and our action camera using Feisol’s Carbon-Composite Tripod.

GoPro - Be a hero!!

GoPro and their newest product, the Hero3 is constantly changing the way of video taping. All ultra-slow-motion shots and on-board bicycle riding scenes will be videotaped with their Hero3: Black Edition. With the incredible resolution of 1440p we can videotape in a quality you usually see in the movie theater. The waterproof casing enables to shoot nice scenes of the wildlife of the Pacific Ocean and rivers along our way. With their camera, our documentary will reach a level beyond our expectations. Be prepared!

Lowepro - Camera bags for all climates!

From the ice-cold weather with the high humidity in the North to the sandy and hot environment in the South - This trip will be an endurance training for us and our camera equipment. With Lowepro's specially designed backpacks, our photo equipment is ready for its hardest journey. Their two-segmented Photo Sport 200 AW backpack has a padded compartment for the photo equipment and a daypack compartment for our remaining outdoor equipment.

CounterAssault - The Bear Protection Experts!

The Northern part of America is Grizzly Bear Country! There are several rules how to behave when a bear is near you. In almost all bear encounters, the bear acts calm and walks off, if the humans behave right. For our general safety, it is still necessary to bring a bear spray and a bear container for the storage of our food. Compared to firearms, it is proven, that the bear spray is the better and safer way for both parties, you and the bear, to scare off the bear. Since we want to ride the tour in harmony with the nature and the animals, we have chosen Counter Assault, with an experience in bear sprays over 25 years. Their bear deterrent sprays 10 meters (32 feet) for more than 9 seconds and is therwith the best on the market

Klenz - Shower in a towel!

"You will stink like hell during your ride without a shower!" what a friend told us. Luckily we met the guys from Klenz who support us with their products. A former military serviceman had the idea of a simple moistened towel during his tour of duty. Together with two experts they tested various towels in different climate zones until they introduced this innovative towel to the market five years ago. Since then it served in various military missions and even for the NASA astronauts on the International Space Station ISS. There is yet another test in planning for these towels: The test from Alaska to Arizona! - Will it perserve?

Spot - Real time tracking!

This is the device for adventurers! By carrying it with us, you are able to track us in real time, without the need of internet or cell phone service. It acts as a GPS transmitter and sends every 10 minutes our current position to the map integrated in our homepage: When you see our “dot moving” it means we are currently riding our bikes. In addition to the tracking we can also send OK messages or a SOS message if our lifes are in danger with this device.