Syntace - Strong. Light. Smart.

Located in the little town called Tacherting in Bavaria/Germany, Jo Klieber founded this company 20 years ago. His philosophy was and still is to create the best bike parts concerning weight and endurance currently available on the market, with success! Their specialties are stems and handle bars, wheel-kits, seat-posts and pedals. He is also a co-founder of the company named Liteville which is their brand for ultra-lite mountain bike frames. The company has house-intern testing machines such as the "red monster" (VR-3) which brings the extreme outdoor conditions of the rough nature to their bike parts, to check if and how long they can resist. By executing these tests the company learns where they need to apply more material and where they can remove it, to provide you the stiffest and most lightweight bike parts you can imagine! Check it out:

Liteville - Light your Fire!

Liteville is the perfect match for our Syntace parts: Their bike frame 301 MK11 reaches constantly best grades in independent frame tests. Before they offer a new frame to the market, it has to pass several tests in a professional laboratory to fit not only the competing requirements but also the high demands of the engineers at this company. They are known for very lightweight and clever developed bike frames with which they stand ahead of the common mass-produced mountain bike frames. With the 160mm suspension we will discover parts of Alaska and Yukon just offroad and try this product in the pure wilderness. We are looking forward to this and can’t wait to show you our bike in Action!

SQlab - The experts for ergonomic bike parts!

Do your buttocks usually hurt or even get numb after a while of riding? The guys from SQlab know this problem and take it really serious. Their field of study is “Ergonomic Design” where they analyze your sitting-position on your bike. They first gain your body proportions (biometrical data) which they use to adjust your bike perfectly for your body. With a special pressure sensor installed to the saddle, they know exactly where the pressure zones are and how to avoid them. Interested in a check? They are located in Taufkirchen near Munich:

Magura - Brakes and More - Made in Germany!

Everybody who rides a mountain bike knows the brand Magura for its high performance disc-brakes. This company has a long history of more than one century back in 1893. They have plenty of experience since they entered the bicycle market in the 70s and their products have the “Good old German engineering quality”. They were the pioneers of the first hydraulic brake for a bicycle. These are enough arguments for us to get them on board of our great adventure!

BIKE-COMPONENTS.DE - A good idea, born in a pub!

As you know best ideas are always born in pubs! However these ideas are usually dropped on the next morning, not so with Klaus Hoenig and Marcus Wenkel: They founded a bike-company on the next day. What was first planned to be a company for spring-mounted seat posts, soon went a different way and the online shop and the retail store of BIKE-COMPONENTS.DE was born in Aachen. From the living room as their first stock they continuously grew and have developed to one of Germany’s biggest online stores for bike parts and accessories, still providing the best service and fair prizes.

Fenix - Illuminate your Adventure!

Alarmed by many flashlights which were not satisfying, Fenix was founded by a group of young LED enthusiasts with the professional help of engineers, with only one vision: Take the newest LED technology and put it in a flashlight to outshine all the current available flashlights. The results are lights which shine amazingly bright and far in combination with a long battery life. How true the colors still appear under their lights is yet another major step in the flashlight development and will be hard to beat! Check it out, it’s worth it:

Continental - Tires for all terrain!

Their passion belongs to the most important component on the bicycle: The tires. At the end it all depends on the traction of your tires to the ground. No matter if you ride over a smooth and dry pavement or down the muddy-wet grass slope in the mountains – they give you what you need – tires with the right traction. For our tour we decided to ride partly off-road and partly on pavement, therefore the “X-King Protection” fits perfectly in our goals of light-weight travel.