Mathias about Caro

Imagine the following: Outside is showery weather, about 5°C (41°F), it has been raining for hours, a cold breeze is blowing, poor visibility through the fog - and then? The doorbell rings… It’s Caro and she has been biking. She is soaked to the bone, nothing on her is dry but, she is still smiling. You ask why? Because riding a bicycle is one of her greatest passions; she just loves being outdoors and exercising. “After a hard day of studying I just have to refresh my mind again” is what she tells me as I help hang her wet clothes.

Caro’s endurance is indescribable: I showed her the hardest, steepest bike trails, and she rides all of them. But she not only rides them, she enjoys being in this unusual place with a bike. I remember riding through this field of gravel where it was hard to tell where the trail was, and she was still keeping up with me and attempting to pass. Besides her endurance in bicycling she shows high endurance in her studies: She is studying economics and sport sciences at the same time. To accomplish both studies, it is necessary to have an efficient study schedule to which she strictly adheres to. I am sure the knowledge she gained in her sports classes can be very helpful during our tour when we reach the limits of our bodies. I am thankful to have a person with me who knows what to do when my body reacts strangely after thousands of kilometers of riding.

Since I’ve known Caro, her dream is to get out and explore nature, away from the busy city life with nothing more than a tent, sleeping bag, and a bicycle. I am very fortunate that we can both take off three months from our daily life to go on this adventure. I am looking forward to the time when we both ride on lonely Highways far up in the North of America and broil our self-caught salmon on the camp-fire. And, after a long day of riding, review and talk about the day inside the comfort of our tent and plan upcoming passages, or just listen to the noises of the lonely nature of the wide American Continent. I know that we will accomplish this extreme tour together!