alaska Project

Find out more about our tour by clicking on the countries! Project starts August 2013

Distance: 10.000km
10°12‘ N, 148°31‘ W , a small airplane lands on a lonely landing strip with a length of 2km. Around it: nothing except Alaska‘s wilderness and the Arctic Ocean. This place, called Deadhorse, is located at the most northern part of Alaska.

This “unfriendly” place will be the beginning of a long, physically and psychologically hard, scenic, and unforgettable adventure. We will pass through several climates and changing flora & fauna between days of lonely nature and enigmatic cities.

Two humans, exposing themselves to risks of wild animals and insufferable heat, going to the limits of men and material on this incredible adventure. An adventure about what humans can physically do, about beautiful nature, breath-taking contact with bears and other wildlife, and nights alone in the middle of nowhere listening to the sounds of roaring bears, caribous, and chirping crickets.

These are the feelings that enter our mind when thinking about the upcoming adventure of our lifetime!
A ride between the extremes; a ride from Deadhorse, Alaska to the deserts of Arizona - by bike!