Caro about Mathias

I got to know Mathias during my first semester at the Technical University of Munich. He is studying mechanical engineering and is currently an intern at Daimler Truck North America in Portland, Oregon writing his diploma thesis. He has a special relationship to the USA, especially to Oregon where he attended his senior year of High School.

Why is he qualified for this trip?

He finishes everything he starts. His perseverance, power and endurance were not only beneficial for his studies, but also in sports. Bike tours of 100km (62.5mi) and more aren't a problem for him. "I don't think about the kilometers we still have to go, I simply ride until I reach my destination!" is his motto. But mountain-biking isn't only his hobby, it is also his chosen means of transportation. The bike is not only used during the weekend, but also for commuting every day to go shopping in the city, or to get to university which is 30km (18.75mi) away.

I am sure that his characteristics, the pleasure of biking, his love of nature and adventure turn him to the perfect companion for the challenge called "North America!"