Distance: 1425km (891mi)

After crossing the border into California on our way to Las Vegas, we will take a break at Pelican State Beach, which is south of the border and is known as the loneliest beach in California. On our way south on Highway 101 we will pass Crescent City and several state parks, among them the Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park. This park is a World Heritage Site since 1980. Continuing along the West Coast we will leave behind the Big Lagoon and the village Mendocino, which became famous by Michael Holm's song "Mendocino." Our final destination on Highway 101 will be the Golden Gate Bridge which we will cross by bike.

After some sightseeing in San Francisco we will continue our trip to Yosemite National Park where we will see the popular climbing hill El Capitan, Mono Lake and the Sequoia and Kings National Park. Riding further we will see the highest mountain in the continental USA, Mt. Whittney (4412m, 14504ft.) The next 400km (250mi) will probably be the hardest route of our trip. Death Valley is one of the hottest and driest places on earth with temperature extremes of 57°C (134°F) and -10°C (15°F).

The first thing we will do when we get to Las Vegas is have a really cold beer!