Wildlife and other Counters:

Moscocs: 13 | Caribous: 4 | Moose: 8 | Grizzly Bears: 1 | Black Bears: 20 | Accidents: 3

Squirrels: countless | Hearing strange noises in the night: 3 | Flat Tires: 6

Coyotes: 3 | Tarantulas: 2 | Wolves: 1 | Racoons: 10

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Stage 1: AK, Deadhorse to Coldfoot Airport
Stage 2: AK, Coldfoot Airport to Fairbanks
The Dalton Highway Conclusion
Stage 3: AK, Fairbanks to border of Alaska

Stage 4: YT, border of Canada to Whitehorse
Stage 5: YT, Whitehorse to Highway 37 and border to British Columbia
The Alaska Highway Conclusion




Stage 6: BC, along Highway 37
Steward-Cassiar-Highway Conclusion
Stage 7 & 8: BC, from Smithers to Prince George
Stage 9: BC, Quesnel, Williams Lake and Backcountry until Lillooet
Stage 10: BC, along Seton, Anderson and Gates Lake to Whistler and further South to Vancover

Hwy 16 and Hwy 97 Conclusion
Stage 11: WA, Vancouver to Aberdeen through Olympic National Forest
Stage 12: WA, Aberdeen to border of Oregon along coastal Highway 101




Stage 13: OR, Border bridge to Portland via Tillamok State Forest
Stage 14: OR, Portland to Brookings via Coast-Highway 101


Stage 15: CA, Brookings to Crescent City and again via Highway 101 south to San Francisco
Hwy 101 and Route 1 Conclusion
Stage 16: CA, San Francisco to Yosemite National Park via Highway 120
Stage 17: CA, through Yosemite National Park and Sequoia&Kings Canyon National Park to Owens Lake
Stage 18: CA, via Highway 190 through Death Valley to border of Nevada




Stage 19: NV, via Highway 190 to Las Vegas and to Lake Mead
Death Valley and Yosemite National Park Conclusion


Stage 20: AZ, Lake Mead to Phoenix
Stage 21: AZ, Daytrips to Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Sedona