Distance: 1257km (781mi)

Our departure point will be the farthest north you can go in America, Deadhorse, Alaska. Deadhorse is also the place where the lowest temperature in the US of -74°C (-101°F) was recorded. - Good that we will go there in the summer time where the lowest temperature is about -5°C (23°F). Maybe we can also go swimming in the arctic-ocean.

The first stage will be a 400km (250mi) ride where we are all alone in the middle of nowhere. No motels, no stores, no houses, no nothing! We will be following the Dalton Highway, which provides the oil workers with supplies. After these three days of riding in the Alaskan wilderness we will reach Coldfoot Airport. There we might have a hot shower and fill our backpacks with food. After a short rest, our journey continues to Fairbanks. From there it's only a 460km (290mi) ride to the border.